A Spiritual Powered Woman Traditional Herbalist Healer

A woman traditional herbalist spiritual healer,Helps in all aspects of spell casting and other kinds of healing services .call now for 24 hours results +27 73 155 1988.

Dr.maama zulia`s special offers and genuine products.

  1.  Amaghudwana ( spirit Rats hired for less costs)
  2. short boys   (Alien spirits hired for a week reasonable price)    
  3. Amayembe spirits, (cash maker hired for 2 days cost effective )
  4. Money rain maker spell,poverty fighter jinns.
  5. Life and love protection spells,love command picture.
  6. White magic spells,Talukkalar jinns(spells)
  7. Love spell, money spell,mysterious love/lust,love spells talismans
  8. Gambling spell,fortune spells,love remote control.
  9. Evil fight spell,millionaires cult,business talisman(ring)
  10. Man stealer spell, revenge spell , magic sticks.
  11. Invisible magic stick, protection magic stick and spell.
  12. Wealthy spell and stick, black knot,voodoo magic seal,
  13. court case spell, ancestral spell,
  14. Magic coin, promotion powdered herbs,
  15. Business spell, work man spirit spell,
  16. Mixed herbs, loose weight herbs,all types of slimming herbs.
  17. Sale quick spells,mysterious spells,Hex/curse remover.
  18. Attraction native knot, ghost hunter spell, 
  19. Memory spell and herbal drink,Sex booster combo,
  20. Love protection spells,customized charms,triple strength charms.
  21. Instant money spells,jinns command remote,sex portion for men.
  22. Lost love spells & herbal potions,Sex portion for ladies.
  23. Infertility /pregnancy medicine(100% herbs.)
  24. Spiritual Mojo bags.
  25. Personal and business/project energetic protections.
  26. Bad jinx remover spell & mutt herbs.
  27. Voodoo penis enlargements
  28. All prophetical medical science & spells.
  29. 21 ancient magic secrets
  30. memory rinse & brain booster remedies.
  31. Money keeper stick & spells (you don't get broke)
  32. Love attraction spell & knots.Vaginal tightening & reshaping cream/Powder/Remedies 100% herbs of Breast enlargement cream,Vaginal cleanser,Vaginal tightening powder.
  33. Bums reshape and massage cream & powder

    Breast enlarging lotion /cream/powder.Pimple & scar remover herbs.

    Skin & hips smoother cream/Belly remover.100% herbal.

    Vaginal tightening cream/Powder/Herbal remedies.

    Infertility powder/ pills/herbal remedies

    Super star female sex herbs (for male & female)


Long Awaited best Astrology,love spells caster who never give up on unfinished Job,the master of Voodoo. Who never failed to fulfill her promises.

http://www.womanhealer.comThis might be your  day! to get healed by the  healer on  african continent

No where you will ever get better services , Good care , sorrowful handling and garanteed results than visiting this wonderful lady  Maama Zulia. This is not a claim  or self pretence but  facts speaks itsself . You can view testimonual page and bear witness.   Try to visit her shrine and see 

prepare yourself for a spectacular transformation. If you are ready to open your heart and mind to me in the ancient art of black magic, then write down your one, most important request. That is the command am awaiting. do you have many enemies some enemies that you are not even aware of? Are you having many obstacles in your life, any thing that you do you are not successful, always any work that you try to do it gets stopped, are you having many enemies and enemies that you are not aware of then the power spell will help you to achieve your goals, and will destroy all the obstacles that will come in your life.

For more info,email us:your date of birth +photo +adress+country.maama will get back to you immediatelly.this works for all of us White or Black.

The woman traditional herbalist spiritual healer.

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By the way is Maama Zulia's services free  or  you have to pay ?

Maama zulia 's can offer free services if you qualify for it on certain conditions.  Applys only  if you come over to her place,  although in some case and conditions you may  require pay for certain little amount of money but won't be much as others may charge.  She can even loan you when necessary , she can even  charge you after results but everything will be after negotiations.

Never Judge Maama Zulia before you visit her because many clients are praising her miracle powers how they have changed their lives.

Once I have been linked with their particular ancestor I may then be able to communicate with the deceased, angels, guides and spirits, receiving messages from the ancestors and universe directly. The spiritual exchange is often directly related to past life experiences, soul connected incidences and psychic phenomenon.

She will completely caring and understanding to your situation and work on it in timely manner.

100% privacy. We do not sell or rent any of your private information and communicate only with you.100% effort on our part for every spell we cast.